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C shape Bedside table, Marble (Gold)

C shape Bedside table, Marble (Gold)

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C shape Bedside table, Marble (Gold)

This item stands out for the following characteristics:

  • Versatile Side Table: C-shaped end tables not only do they add a handy surface to your space, but they also let you pull them over your furniture! This table is crafted with a golden metal frame and an sintered stone marble texture tabletop surface for a sleek look in your living room sofa or beside your bed. And thanks to the open design, you can easily pull it over a sofa arm to create a lap desk,also you can easily slip it into a narrow nook
  • Durable Sintered Stone Table: Marble tabletop made of sintered stone, so that all natural colours and textures will be visible.White narrow end table made by new-style sintered stone, Sintered Stone is manufactured with high pressure and extreme heat , making it extremely tough and resistant to heat,cold, scratch and chipping,it won’t change color and Stainproof non-permeable,Even the temperature gets to 1200?,so if you put hot coffee or drinks directly on it, it won't harm the tabletop
  • Stable not Shaking and Great Load Bearing: Coffee table in daily use should not only look beautiful, but it must also be stable and robust.This tabletop is made of sintered stone and is further supported by an Golden frame so that the tabletop can hold up to 15 KG.Marble Texture end table has a certain weight and will not easily shift or tip over like wooden or glass tables,It has high security.
  • Saving Space and Convenient : The compact nature of the C-shaped design allows you to push the table’s legs under the couch or chair, which, in addition to bringing the table closer, frees up more walking space around your furniture. C-shaped table as a lap desk to hold your laptop or ipad. It's also an ideal spot for your snacks, coffee, books, magazines, or decorative items.This modern side table’s simplistic style and versatility are perfect as a workspace,lounge area or office

Key features:

  • Item Dimensions: 45 x 30 x 54 cm.
  • Item weigth: 7 kg.
  • Package Dimensions: 48 x 33 x 58 cm.
  • Package weigth: 7 kg.

The box includes the product and all its components and a simple instruction set. One product for package.

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