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Rubbedin PuraChoice® Bathroom Cleaner 500mL & 100mL Refill Pouch

Rubbedin PuraChoice® Bathroom Cleaner 500mL & 100mL Refill Pouch

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Included in this pack are 1 x 500ml Bathroom Cleaner and 1 x 100mL Refill Pouch with Peppermint & Tea Tree Essential Oil

Reduce your impact on the environment by 82% Specifically formulated to cut through soap scum, watermarks, grime, and dirt. Ideal for all bathroom surfaces such as showers, baths, tiles, basins, toilets, taps, and showerheads. We recommend testing porous surfaces (like unsealed stone) in an inconspicuous area before using any cleaning products. Leaves a sparkling, streak-free clean. No harsh fumes or chemicals. Fragranced with Peppermint & Tea Tree Essential Oil. Certified Australian Made & Owned

PuraChoice® Bathroom Cleaner is Australian Made & Owned and safe for people with sensitive skin, allergies, and people living with asthma. Cuts through dirt, leaving a sparkling, streak-free clean with no harsh fumes and chemical residues. Feel good about reducing your impact on the environment by choosing PuraChoice® concentrated refills.

Our PuraChoice® Bathroom Cleaner is:

Hypoallergenic (Asthma/Allergy Friendly) ECO Friendly Readily Biodegradable pH Neutral Fragranced with Essential Oils Vegan Friendly Septic & Grey Water Safe Cruelty-Free Australian Made & Owned It’s about what we don’t include:

No Added Colours No Chlorine/Bleach No Phosphates No Sodium No Synthetic Fragrances No Petrochemicals No Animal Derivatives No Harsh Detergents No Glycols or Ammonia No MEA/TEA/DEA or PEG No Parabens or SLS/SLES Directions

Ready to use 500mL Refillable Trigger Bottle

Spray the surface and wipe it with a clean cloth. For built-up grime, spray the surface and leave for 2-3 minutes, then clean as usual. Once empty, refill with PuraChoice® Bathroom Cleaner concentrate. Refill using the Concentrate

Empty concentrate into a PuraChoice® 500mL trigger bottle, slowly top-up with water to reduce foaming, replace trigger spray, and shake gently to mix.

Simply spray and wipe as per directions on the PuraChoice® 500mL bottle.

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