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Monfrigo Skincare Fridge in Pastel Pink 4L

Monfrigo Skincare Fridge in Pastel Pink 4L

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The Monfrigo skincare fridge is the perfect addition to your skincare routine- this compact and stylish fridge is designed to keep your skincare products cool, fresh and organized. It works to extend product shelf life and provide you with a refreshing and soothing experience of your skincare products.

Designed to fit easily on your bathroom counter or vanity, this mini fridge will not only elevate your vanity but also ensure that your skincare products are protected from heat, humidity, and light. The fridge has a capacity of 4Litres and can accommodate all types of skincare products, from serums and toners to face masks and eye creams.

The mini fridge comes with dual functionality of cold and hot setting, allowing you to use your preferred setting year round. The fridge cools down to 4-5 degrees celsius at 25 degrees ambient and can heat between 40-50 degrees celsius.


1 x Fridge

1x Home adapter

1x Removable inside shelf

1x Removable side shelf

Note: Skincare products not included.

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